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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Local Woman publishes first book...

We are writing you today to tell you that we love highlighting local writers.

Local Waynesville woman, Lauren H. Brandenburg, just published her first novel, number one in a three part series, called Boone: The Ordinary!  She is a new author, and had to self-publish through Westbow Press.  With that, we are asking for your help. If we can help get enough momentum, this local writer, Lauren, could be picked up by a big publisher! 

At the minimum, we are asking that you go and like her Facebook page athttp://www.facebook.com/boonetackett as well as follow her Twitter athttp://www.twitter.com/boonetackett. As you know, this social media attention with REAL USERS really helps get her noticed. 

You  can also visit her book website at http://www.boonetackett.com and both sign up for her mailing list and ORDER A COPY OF THE BOOK!!! You can also read the first chapter of the book there! 

Congratulations Lauren, and good luck with your venture!! 

Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started
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